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"Bella has absolutely adored Tessa's Jazz Hands from the moment she first started. It is the most friendly and welcoming class. The kids are able to express themselves with no fear of being judged so they can be unbelievably creative. Bella has grown massively in confidence to the point where she is happy to sing a solo. Thanks Tessa" (Bella's Mum)


"Ella has thoroughly enjoyed her term with Tessa's Jazz Hands and it has reinforced her love of musical theatre. Ella has always enjoyed dance but it is wonderful to have a club that combines movement with drama and vocals, learning the skills of communicating a song rather than just singing it. Tessa and her assistant, Hannah Cox have a wonderful enthusiasm and natural affinity with the children and I hope the club will grow to fulfill its potential". (Ella's Mum)


"Tessa is an excellent teacher and certainly inspires her students. My daughter looks forward to every class and has noticeably grown in confidence over the weeks. It is wonderful to have a guaranteed hour of fun every week!" (Scarlett's Mum)


"The first club my daughters have run to get to every week - they adore Tessa and it has brought out their confidence hugely" (Ellie's and Izzy's Mum)


"Anna has really enjoyed the class and it is helping her with her confidence". (Anna's mum)


"I am Ella, I love Tessa's Jazz Hands because it has been an amazing experience. We do fun games as well as acting, singing and dancing. Many of the other children have gained confidence too. Because of a lot of dancing outside of school, this has been even better because I have learnt a variety of different dances from musicals such as The Jungle Book, Annie, Matilda and Mamma Mia. Please join, it will be an incredible experience for your child to be part of Tessa's Jazz Hands, it's fabulous so please come. See you soon!!!!". (Ella aged 10)

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